BOdYRiDE - ReClaiming our Bodies

Luxuriating in present moment awareness


Tuning into your body with receptive attention is a little like finding a previously undiscovered radio station that broadcasts content like you’ve never heard before.  You turn the dial, tune to this new station, and suddenly and surprisingly a whole new and amazing world of music opens up to you. 

When you tune into your inner movement flow, sensing your body with receptive attention, a whole new level of unexplored existence opens up to you. You find yourself fascinated by, and in awe of your body, your mind, and your beautiful humanity.

Our bodies know how to luxuriate in the pleasurable sensations of being alive. They simply need our intention to give our attention to them.  Practice letting go of being in charge. Focus on receiving your bodies’ sensations, and allow your attention to follow your bodies’ flow. 

Recall a time when you anticipated taking a warm bath. 

Now imagine slipping into that bath, your body sliding down into the tub.  Instantly, your body relaxes into that warm, soothing bathwater. You feel its warm melting embrace as your attention focuses on, and follows the sensations of the water sliding up and surrounding your body.   Every inch of your skin comes alive as the warmth penetrates deep into your core. Perhaps a throaty “ahhh” escapes your lips as you surrender into the sensual pleasure that fills your awareness as you come to rest in the warm comforting water.   

When you allow yourself to pay attention, and receive sensations of pleasure, your breath deepens, your world softens, and time disappears. 

We can invite ourselves to fully luxuriate in the pleasure of our physicality. We can give our attention over fully to our physical aliveness. In doing so we embrace, appreciate, honor and enliven ourselves; effortlessly enhancing our vitality, experiencing our wholeness and witnessing our essential well-being.