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Emotional Intimacy with Autonomy

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I'm the King of My Own Life

Monday’s with Mike Episode 39  IN THIS EPISODE: “I don’t feel like I’m the King of anything, except my own Life.” I shares thoughts about the movie Avatar -why I especially appreciated the film. I talk about my biological father’s death; what I felt at the time; how we can have feelings of grief and sadness, as well as celebration and appreciation seemingly simultaneously, or at least in close succession. Mike and I compare some aspects of Indigenous and modern western cultures, including:   what type of society does each create?   how would each view success?   how are children raised to become adults?   does our modern western style of upbringing help children become people who design their own lives?   I introduce Maria Montessori - her educational experiment with latchkey children in Italy that became the basis for the Montessori Method of early childhood education And what is meditation? is briefly explored. More episodes of Mondays with Mike

Being Embraced

A Description of Contact Improvisation Dance Practice: Achieving inner stillness through attention to, and acute observation of our impulses; our bodily experience. Meeting at the point of touch and exploring, through mutual responsiveness, what movement wants to unfold from an authentic, neutral space Curiously exploring that meeting, that point, that present moment, while maintaining full, unconditional presence. Saying, “YES!” in response to the other, without diminishing our self; without compromising our own authenticity. Surrendering to process, letting go of judgment, of intention, of willfulness. Experiencing a spaciousness that allows full acceptance self and other. As we are. Mutually supporting what is happening. And when there are ‘disconnects’, stopping and waiting. Waiting for that full presence to come into each of us again; for that felt sense of, “Ah yes, you are here, I am here, we meet here.” And in agreement, continuing. Joined, yet separate and individual. Connecti

Believing that we don’t Matter

Mondays with Mike Episode  36   How painful and self-separated we feel when we are believing that we don’t  matter. This is an emotional session for me, Harmony.   I go slow and deep, not just talking about painful emotions, but actually experiencing them in the moment, within the safety of MIke’s caring. He accompanies me with warmth and resonance.   And With this support, I find the safety and holding I need in order to express, grieve, process, and experience resolution The camera was accidentally set to capture only Mike’s presence on the video.   But maybe this was actually providential, because we get to see just how Mike shows his caring attentiveness, which signals to me that he is friendly empathic ally, and enables me to share my raw self so openly and vulnerably.

Transform resentment to re-establish feelings of love, appreciation and connection

I have been coaching as they prepare for marriage, Thinking about my final session with them, it’s clear that they’ve been holding feelings of resentment toward each other.   The following is a portion of my follow-up email with them just after their final session with me. (I’ve used only the first letter of their first names here, to protect their anonymity.): ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Resentment is a feeling we get when we believe we are being treated unfairly.   Fairness is important to both of you, (and FYI, the primate brain is wired to value and desire fairness) In addition, I understood that you, J have been feeling ‘controlled or restricted’ which means that you're wanting to feel more freedom, independence and autonomy. This is not something that C can give you. It is something that you must find a way claim for yourself. How can you feel free, and still make choices that support your relationship with C, and the projects and life that y

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Drop into Silence, receive Timeless Wisdom

  Discover Resources for Radical Aliveness and Deep Meaningful Relating; Access your Agency and Activate your Aligned, Authentic Awesome Self Together, we focus on self-empowerment, embodiment, self-awareness, self-care, Presence, and other skills and avenues for achieving greater well-being and more frequent and sustained moments of joy and satisfaction. Be supported by a Master who can lead you back to your power:   Reconnecting you with your Body Wisdom; your Wise Inner Guidance Teaching you how to let that guidance lead you. Your Body knows what feels safe, supportive and welcoming. Go Boldly in the direction of your Dreams.