What is a Contact Improvisation Jam like?

A Cannabis Lesson

The lies our culture tells us about what matters --- and a better way to...

The Power and Potency of Empathic Listening

Dancing with my Self

Contact Improv asks us to Embrace - it all

Don't let anything be the reason you don't dance!

Is My Voice Welcome Here?

How to handle (unsolicited) advice

Contact Improvisation Dance practice for Self-Connection and Inner Guidance

Receiving Attention; Nourishing or Terrifying?

Are you exhausting yourself by how you relate with others?

Feel more relaxed, spontaneous and confident interacting with others

Are you ready for another's change of heart?

Assume Good InTensions

Rescue Mission Failure?

Eyes of Shame; The power and potency of Eye Contact


Who Pulls the Strings?

Self Talk - "Pay no attention to that Old Lady"