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Being Embraced

A Description of Contact Improvisation Dance Practice:

Achieving inner stillness through attention to, and acute observation of our impulses; our bodily experience. Meeting at the point of touch and exploring, through mutual responsiveness, what movement wants to unfold from an authentic, neutral space

Curiously exploring that meeting, that point, that present moment, while maintaining full, unconditional presence.

Saying, “YES!” in response to the other, without diminishing our self; without compromising our own authenticity.

Surrendering to process, letting go of judgment, of intention, of willfulness. Experiencing a spaciousness that allows full acceptance self and other. As we are.

Mutually supporting what is happening. And when there are ‘disconnects’, stopping and waiting. Waiting for that full presence to come into each of us again; for that felt sense of, “Ah yes, you are here, I am here, we meet here.” And in agreement, continuing.

Joined, yet separate and individual. Connecting. Co-creating. Communing. Communion.

This is affirming. This is satisfying.

It is Calming. And Empowering.

We are Creating this unique, brand new pathway, this unique experience. Free of time. Free of space. Free of thought.

Discovering in every instant. No expectations. Nothing taken for granted.

We are alive.

We are conspiring.

We are Being


      -by Harmony Gates



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